• Welcome to Ross County Roleplay!

    Dear folks,

    First of all, a warm welcome to Ross County Roleplay, we can not thank you enough for showing interest in our community!

    I will go straight to the point and try to explain our future goals in a nutshell: we are striving to deliver the SA:MP community a refreshing and unique roleplay experience. The server will be based in Bayside and its surroundings - which are both completely revamped to deliver a unique experience to our playerbase. Our aim is to set up a small, warm and friendly community with the focus on a heavy roleplay standard. We like it clean & simple, meaning you will not see complicated and exaggerated features but instead experience simple, realistic and user friendly functions. As mentioned before and to make this point clear: we focus on a heavy roleplay standard within a relative small environment to create more roleplay possibilities. Please do not expect a lot of variety within jobs, we try to create a stable server economy by restricting the amount of cash to accumulate each payday, this all to prevent money-farming and instead focus on that one thing we all enjoy and came down for: roleplaying.

    Im happy to announce that we're currently finalizing the script, making sure everything runs smoothly and is all set up for launch. We are planning to launch the final version within the next few weeks, so keep a close eye to the announcements section!

    If you have any questions regarding the server, its goals or future orientation, feel free to contact me (Delfino) or iBooze personally through a forum PM or join the conversation and leave a reply down below! We hope you enjoy your stay and we're looking forward to see you around!

    Kind Regards,
    Community Manager

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