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    First of all, thank you for showing interest to help Ross County Roleplay financially.

    The community is ran by a few enthusiastic members and do this completely voluntarily in their spare time. Not only do they invest a lot of time and effort, they also fund both the web and game servers out of their own pocket. As this is a quite expensive process, we came up with the idea to implement a few premium perks to stimulate donating in order to keep the community rolling financially. However, we do not aim to create a pay-to-win environment nor aim to affect the server economy in a negative manner by providing assets to those who donate. Therefore we came up with the following perks for those kind enough to help us out:

    All donation perks are currently disabled, please contact Delfino onto the forums for those who are still willing to contribute!

    Please note: Donations are made via PayPal and should be processed in Euros (€). All donations are non-refundable and the perks will be added to your Master Account after the payment is confimed and received. Filing 'unauthorized payment' claims in PayPal after receiving the perks will result in a permanent ban of your Master Account.

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